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October 24, 2019 2 min read

We, including our dogs, need a vacation on our everyday life. Or even if you don’t need a vacation, your dog might do! Dogs, just like us, also feel overwhelmed and going on a holiday is a great way to alleviate stress for both dogs and their owners. Vacations present opportunities such as quality social time, which is a dog’s main desire.

When kept in one environment for too long, dogs can go stir crazy and this can cause them to act out and misbehave. A fresh environment can also help dog owners retrain unruly animals. This time could give owners the opportunity to bond with their dogs because vacations are more laid back than most other days. Also, introducing new routines, tricks or training when owners have more free time, like on vacation, could help dogs learn more quickly.

However, travelling can also be very stressful for dogs – like air travel. If you’re planning on taking your dog on a plane, make sure to plan well in advance. And if you can, plan a road trip instead, this is surely less stressful than taking your dog on a plane.

Camping and other outdoor adventures are also some of the natural vacation options with our dogs. There are several dog-friendly vacation hotels which you and your dog might also enjoy. Your dog-friendly vacation might mean a visit to your favorite relatives, sightseeing in your favorite historical town, long days of hiking and camping, swimming or just simply snoozing in a hammock on your favorite beach. But whatever it is, before you start packing your bags, make sure you know how to make it a safe and stress-free vacation experience for your dog.

Safety first.
Before planning your trip, make sure you consult your veterinarian as certain breeds and dogs with medical conditions are at a higher risk.

Choose the perfect destination.
Remember that not every dog will enjoy a visit to a crowded tourist destination and not every relative will appreciate us showing up on their doorstep with our furry friends in town. And some dogs just aren’t cut out for camping adventures. Make sure you choose only those dog-friendly places so both you and your dog can enjoy.

Know your dog
It is very important to know what your dog likes. Does your dog like adventure and excitement? Or would your dog be happier with a calm and quiet experience? If your dog a seasoned traveler or will this be all new experience for him? Does your dog enjoy other people or other dogs? Does your dog have any special needs or physical limitations that might affect his enjoyment of a trip? Keeping your dog’s personality and experience in mind will surely help you in planning a fun vacation for both you and your dog.