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June 16, 2017 3 min read

It is especially important for senior dogs to have active playtime. It keeps them healthy and young with regular exercise and games. Putting it in simple terms, “A healthy dog is a happy dog.” Here are 5 toys which are great for senior dogs and can help stimulated their physical and mental health.



Stuffed Latex Soft Cookie


Made with 70% real, natural rubber for added durability. The Stuffed Latex Soft Cookie toy is not a vinyl dog toy; this soft latex toy is much stronger than a vinyl dog toy. The latex allows for stretching and is puncture resistant. This toy is also stuffed with a poly filling makes the toy more durable. It also makes the toy squeak when chewed. When the dog lets go of chewing, allowing air to come back into the toy, will create the squeaking sound. Latex toys are great for dogs at all ages, but it is especially great for senior dogs. Dogs love the feel of this latex toy in their mouth. This toy is soft and easy for the dog to bite down on. Great for tossing and fetching as it won’t injure the dog or his teeth when caught. This toy is good for indoor or outdoor play



Water Bottle Dog Toy With Squeak

Water Bottle Toys are perfect for all dog sizes and types. Senor dogs are no exception. They are going to love the softness of this toy, which will be gentle on their teeth yet entertaining. It comes with an empty 16.9 oz water bottle that can be changed. Most dogs love the crackle noise a water bottle makes. The bottom of the toy has elastic, which allows you to replace the water bottle if it gets destroyed. For added durability you can leave the cap on the bottle, but for less aggressive chewing dogs, you can remove the cap. Some people put hard dog food in the bottle so it makes more noise when tossed around. The head of the toy is filled with plush and has a squeaker. Your senior dog will be thoroughly entertained for hours. 



New York Pizza squeak toy

This tough New York Pizza squeak toy works wonders for senior dogs. It is an entertaining soft toy, which can be used as a chewing toy or as a short distance Frisbee toy. Perfect for senior fur friends. It gives them just enough active playtime, without exhausting all their energy. It is soft enough for them to enjoying chewing without damaging their senior teeth. This toy is ridiculously rugged with no stuffing and it also squeaks. It is definitely high on the list for senior dog toys.




Beef Flavored Tennis Balls

These Beef flavored tennis balls for dogs are great for senior dogs. They may not be as active as puppies or younger dogs; however, they may still be young at heart and still love the idea of playing fetch the ball. These beef tennis balls are specially made for dogs. They are not regular human playing tennis balls. Regular playing balls have a “pill” put in the inside during production that expands and makes the balls bounce higher. We feel that it is not safe for dogs to ingest. Also, we do not spray our tennis balls with anti-rot chemical. The fuzz on the outside of the ball is also much shorter than a regular playing tennis balls; therefore, the fibers won’t get stuck in your dog’s gums. This ball toy will give your senior dog the active playtime they need with a bit of yummy beef flavor.




Chewing Squeeze Bone Dog Toy

Although senior dogs like to sleep more frequently compare to younger dogs, they still need to have something to keep them occupied through out the day. The Squeeze Bone toy is a great toy to help eliminate those bad habits of chewing on furniture or the trash. Simply replace it with this toy for your dog to chew on. Teaching your old dog some new tricks. Simply fill this toy up with kibbles or treats and you will see your dog engaged in trying to get the treats out. Both ends of the squeeze bone caps were designed for dental cleaning. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, this bone toy will surely help them in more ways than one.

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