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Rawhide Smoked Chips Dog Chews | 100% All-Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range Beef Hide for Dogs

Rawhide Chips Bulk | 100% Natural Dog Treats 100% Natural Rawhide Delicious treats are a dog favorite Made of all natural, premium-quality rawhide Long lasting, flavorful chew that naturally cleans teeth. No added colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Made in Brazil.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR - 123 Treats Rawhide chips dog chews come in delicious Smoked Flavor.
  • SATISFIES DOG'S CHEWING NEEDS - Chewing all natural rawhide chips can help divert your dog’s attention away from destructive chewing behaviors and encourage a new positive chewing habit. Chewing can also provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety.
  • GREAT FOR ORAL CARE - Helps promote healthy chewing habits along with better oral health care. Chewing all natural Rawhide chip chews can also help reduce tartar build-up and massage gums.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SIZE DOGS - 123 Treats rawhide chips dog chews are ideal for all size Dogs. With the variety of flavors to choose from, your dog will be sure to find a favourite or just love them all. Always supervise your pets while enjoying any chews, treats or bones
  • SOURCED - Rawhide chips made in Mexico