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6 inches Braided Gullets Sticks for dogs | 10 Count | Beef esophagus dog treats | Natural Beef sticks chews

6 inches Braided Gullets Sticks for dogs (10 Count)
  • Fully digestible & 100% all natural beef braided esophagus sticks (6”)
  • Supports canine dental hygiene and joint health
  • A good source of chondroitin, which offers a boost for joint health
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits
  • Keeps your dog busy for a while as it enjoys a healthy treat to chew

A pack of 10 gullet beef braided esophagus sticks. These are sourced from free range cattle and livestock, with NO added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. These products are made in a completely natural process with no added chemicals and are an excellent alternative to rawhides. These beef flavored esophagus sticks are a great treat for your dog to chew on for a while. You also have the option to cut these into smaller sizes so you can use the pieces as a treat to reward your dog as you are training them. They are also good for your dog’s teeth by providing long hours of chewing which can help clean up the build up on your dog’s teeth. They are also a good source of Chondroitin, which helps promote healthy joints. So why wait and place your order today at 123 Treats. ALWAYS remember to keep an eye on your furry friend while they are enjoying these wonderful treats or any treat that they may chew on.