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Casablanca - Crash Tested Dog Carry on for Small Dogs | Safe Transportation of Small Dogs in a Car | Safe Dog Carrier | 4 Pets

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Casablanca - Crash Tested Dog Carry (For small pets)
  • The 4pets Penthouse Box is the only transport system for small dogs on the market to have been inspected by TU?V SU?D and to have been crash-tested.
  • 4pets Penthouse is made entirely of carefully selected materials and prevails through its state of the art craftsmanship.
  • The Penthouse docking station is child‘s play to fit over the headrest on any car seat.
  • With the car seat belt, the Penthouse transport system can be secured within seconds in a few simple moves
  • Luxurious & Safe

With the refined luxury look of this cool gray base, Penthouse Montreal positively exudes urban-global flair. The restrained, grey leatherette and the exciting red of the high- quality interior make the Penthouse a timeless companion.Whether on the red carpet or out and about in the great cities of the world, you are assured of fascinated and admiring looks.