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September 06, 2010 4 min read

Throughout the years, dogs have proven again and again to be the most faithful friend. They give us love, companionship, and memories, and in return they ask for our friendship. Oftentimes, we want to give our lovable pets a special treat to show our appreciation towards them. With all the choices out there, what is a yummy snack to ensure your pup feels spoiled?

With all the choices on the market, it is best to find a snack that provides a multiple of benefits. Some important questions to consider are these:

- Will my dog enjoy this snack?

- Where does the snack come from?

- Will it help with the dental health of my dog?

- Could this snack pose a danger for my dog?

- What types of nutritional benefits does this snack contain?

Giving consideration to all these questions, rawhide treats comes to mind as a great option. Dogs love the satisfaction of chewing and gnawing, and rawhide treats have that desirable chewy consistency. Rawhide is also made from the dehydrated skin of a cow, giving it a taste similar to beef. Dogs not only love the delectable taste, but the texture of the rawhide bone provides a chewing quality that dogs thoroughly enjoy.

Rawhide treats are natural and can serve many nutritional purposes for your pup. Like all snacks, rawhide bones can vary in quality. It is best to choose rawhide that is high in protein and low in fat. A quality rawhide is marked by the type of hide being used and the lack of chemical toxic additives.

Rawhide is most commonly made from the skin of a cow. The cow skin is split into the outer and inner hide. The softer inner skin is what is often used for rawhide. The skin consists of a collagen that becomes stiff, and as your dog chews it, his saliva gradually softens the rawhide making it easier to chew.

There are many benefits to allowing your dog enjoy rawhide chips rawhide chips for dogs. Chewing can be a great stress reliever for your pooch, especially when they have an appropriate treat to snack on. It also can help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean while scraping away tartar that could produce harmful bacteria. The process of eating the rawhide will also help toughen the gums of your dog. In addition, when a dog is giving constant attention to enjoying his snack, it can beneficially increase his brain stimulation.

Even though rawhide bones are an excellent treat for your pet, it is also very important to supervise your pet as he enjoys his rawhide. In most cases, your dog will end up eating the rawhide and it will simply pass through his digestive system. Depending on the type of rawhide though, pieces may be break off of the rawhide and could be too large to swallow. In the rare case that this were to happen, choking or blockage of the intestinal tract could occur. If complications arise, surgery may be required.

The instances mentioned above are rare and can definitely be prevented. To keep your pup safe to enjoy his snack without worries, there are many tips that you can follow. Always make sure that his rawhide is large enough. If the rawhide is too small, your dog may be able to stick the entire treat in his whole mouth and this could pose a threat. It is also a great idea to be around when your dog is chewing his rawhide instead of leaving him unattended with it.

Keep extra rawhide bones on hand. That way, when your dog's rawhide becomes too small for him, you can give him a fresh one right away. Also, if you notice that the rawhide that your dog is enjoying has become too soft, you may want to give him a fresh one in the meantime and let his old rawhide dry and stiffen. Keeping two on hand means that you can switch them accordingly.

You also want to make sure that the rawhide treat is of good quality. This will ensure that you will not have to worry about your dog having problems with digesting the quality of hide. The best types are rawhides that are less likely to have chemical agents such as bleach and excessive preservatives. There can at times be the chance of bacterial buildup with rawhide is precautions are not taken.

It is best to know about these risks because any good pet owner will want their dog to enjoy their rawhide bone to the fullest. Precautions must be taken for almost anything on the market. The positives of rawhide can be overwhelming, and when used properly, your dog can reap the benefits.

Rawhide also can be beneficial for not only adult dogs, but puppies. A thin, softer rawhide strip for a puppies can help with the teething pain a puppy may experience and also assist the growth of adult teeth.

Everyone has to decide if they will treat their dog to rawhide or not. But many people have come to the conclusion that when used with care, rawhide treats are a great option for all kinds of dogs. Now that you have done your research, the choice is yours. Will you spoil your pup to the delightful tastes of rawhide treats? Your pooch probably hopes so.

When it comes to purchasing rawhide treats, is a great place to begin. 123treats offers quality rawhide chips for dogs at great, affordable prices. This ensures that not only your dog will benefit from a quality product, but that you as an owner can save money while still guaranteeing the best.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are beautiful purebreds, others are loveable mutts. No matter what they are, though, our dogs can be our very best friends. They become our family. Because of this, we want to treat them to something special every now and then. Your dog will see your gratefulness the next time he sees a delicious strip of rawhide coming his way. And in turn, with all the love a dog can muster, he will show you his thanks.