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December 18, 2019 2 min read


Looking for ideas on how to celebrate Christmas with your dogs? Celebrating the holidays won’t be the same unless you include your furry friends. Finding ways to incorporate your pets into the festivities without causing them stress can be difficult but planning ahead with pet friendly activities can also be good for both humans and pets. It’s the best time of the year and there’s absolutely no reason to exclude your pet from the Christmas celebrations.

Below are some ideas to celebrate Christmas with your dogs:

Bring him as your Christmas shopping companion
Look for pet-friendly shopping malls that will allow you to bring your furry companion with you as you shop! Don’t forget to bring his leash or a stroller and be considerate of other people by keeping your dog on a leash and under your supervision at all times.


Dress up for the holidays
One of the best ways to get into the spirit of Christmas season is to dress up your dog in comfortable, adorable pet Christmas costumes. Indulge in a little girliness or add a cute Christmas bow to your dog’s collar.


Take lots of holiday photos
Holiday photos are a must so make sure you take lots of holiday photos to fill your album with loving memories with your furry friends. Getting your dog to sit still and look adorable for a family photo often takes divine intervention, but most dog is just one giant ham away to be adorable and excited in front of the camera.


Attend or throw a Christmas Paw-ty
Another great way to celebrate the holiday season is to attend or throw a Christmas party with fellow pawrents and furkids. Invite your dog’s pals and doggie friends in the neighborhood to the paw-ty and serve some festive pet-friendly goodies to keep their tail wagging.


Spend at home
Too lazy to go out? Well there’s nothing better than being home for the holidays! All the endless
holiday parties or events can lead to a very hectic December, so it’s also good to spend your
days with your pet at home and enjoy a perfectly lazy day. You two can enjoy a good rest time and have a pillow talk with your pet and it’s definitely the best time to strengthen the bond between you and your dog! Bored at home? You can also kill boredom with some fun activities such as watching movies or playing games with your dogs! All these indoor activities can help in improving your relationship with your dog. And it’s low-cost or no-cost ways to celebrate Christmas. Cheap can also be good and fun!


Make new memories
Every family celebrates differently and even if you don’t do the usual Christmas trees or elaborated decorations, the holidays are also a great opportunity to make new memories. Our dogs are only with us for a few short years, and having special memories together with them to reflect on make life with dogs that much sweeter.