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August 16, 2017 2 min read

The two elderly Fertigs never could have imagined the sickly little wolf-dog hybrid puppy they rescued from an early, lonesome death at the unforgiving hands of one of New York’s numerous animal shelters, would one day repay them a thousand fold, bridging the gap between life and death itself.

The 81 year old Fertig couple spent their old age rescuing animals in need, caring for those pathetic creatures that couldn’t hope to manage on their own. It was one of those very animals they cared for in their forest sanctuary, those pitiful, injured creatures that would perform such an unbelievable act of courage.

The Storm New York suffered several storms that frigid October winter, but few survived this devastating beast. Gale force winds thrashed and forest trees fell as temperatures dropped well below freezing, trapping the unfortunate couple amidst their forest sanctuary. The massive blizzard that hit upstate New York that winter also bared the courtesy of downing several power lines, cutting off both electricity and life-giving heat to the area.

The storm blocked the Fertig’s path to both surrounding sanctuary buildings and, more importantly, their home- a mere 200 yards away. Huddled in a narrow alley between the hospital building, the couple found momentary shelter from frigid winds and falling debris, but nothing could save them from rapidly dropping temperatures. Shauna’s Heroism now a full fledged 160 pound adult, bred to happily endure extreme arctic climates few humans would dare enter, Shauna the half-wolf hybrid happily followed her saviors everywhere they went with the loving devotion only a dog is capable of.

Once a sickly thing, so near death and forgotten by the world, Shauna owed the Fertigs nothing less than her very existences debt she would soon repay in kind. No one knows how Shauna knew her human family was in danger, but somehow she did. Very few dogs could even hope to perform the feats she was about to, and even fewer with the ease only an arctic creature such as her could. The Rescue Burrowing through impacted snow, freezing ice and fallen debris from the many forest trees above, Shauna made quick work of the obstacles blocking her path. Not even the frigid winds slowed her as the mighty animal paved a life saving trench to her two companions.

The elderly husband clang to his wife’s jacket, who in turn clutched the back of her soon-to-be hero. The desperate trio slowly made their way to safety, Shauna using her powerful limbs to push ahead. Thanks to the unbelievable feats performed by a once dying wolf-dog puppy, all but forgotten by the human world she was carelessly thrust into, Eve and Norman survived that terrible night. They owe nothing less than their very lives, and in turn the lives of all the animals they continues to rescue and care for from that day forward, to the heroic wolf-dog Shauna.

EMS Arrives Once emergency responders finally did arrive, alerted to the couple’s presence by nearby neighbors, they could scarcely believe the sight before them. No one had ever seen anything like it before.