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March 04, 2020 2 min read

Dogs have an urge to chew and are strongest when they are still puppies but also carries on throughout life. Chewing helps exercise jaw muscles and helps scrape away dental plaque, and it provides relief from irritated gums when puppies are teething. Chewing also helps to relief boredom. Dogs also gain natural nutrients when they chew animal parts such as bones and tendons.

It is an important part of dog care to provide something for your dog to chew. Feeding appropriate chews allows you to manage this behavior and satisfy the dog. Otherwise items such as furniture, shoes or kid’s toys are likely to be targeted, which can be both annoying and creates a risk to the dog from poisoning and injury.

We have found that providing a “toybox” containing the things the dog is allowed to chew is very effective to manage chewing. You can play with your dog with these things and encourage him/her to fetch them from the box and let him/her chew them. Gently tell your dog off if he/she chews something not from the box, and then direct them to the box where the right chewy things are.

Over the years 123Treats has supplied vast numbers of natural dog treat chews to dogs and puppies and had constant feedback that these are the very best chews of all. 

Long-lasting Chews
Purchasing a natural, long-lasting chew is by far the simplest and most convenient way of encouraging appropriate chewing. Make sure you purchase one that is a suitable size for your dog, quality dog treats that contains no artificial ingredients; go natural dog treats!

Toys suitable for teething
Rope toys such as Super Scooch Braided Rope Squeaker Dumbbell Dog Toy also make fabulous “teethers” for teething puppies and young dogs. This toy is made of 100% cotton that is NOT preshrunk. This is important because when your dog plays and chews this toy, the cotton will shrink and toy will actually become stronger. This is a great toy for dogs that traditionally chew up plush dog toys.

Although they are not indestructible, they do last a lot longer than a regular plush toy and we find many dogs like them better. The inside of this toy has an extra-large “ever last” squeaker. This squeaker will continue to squeak even when punctured several times. The squeaker is also extra loud and protected by the rope around it. This is basically two toys in one, it’s a soft squeaker toy and a rope chew toy. Great for tugging, tossing and chewing. The rope is good for cleaning the dogs teeth. If you have tried many dog toys, only to have them destroyed in minutes, give Super Scooch a try. Even after the large inside squeaker eventually gets damaged, the rope part of the toy will still provide for hours of fun.


And your dog will most likely be very thankful for the treats and devise several ways of letting you know he/she would like another one!


*Some dogs that chew may be experiencing separation distress or anxiety. You may need to seek help from a Clinical Animal Behaviorist who can help you resolve the issue, should you feel that this is the case.