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August 05, 2019 3 min read


Safety tips for dogs in cars


One of the greatest parts of having a dog is sharing adventures with your best friend. Traveling can be highly stressful for both you and your dog. It’s important that you prepare your dog for a long trip. You can get your dog geared up by taking him on a series of short drives first, gradually lengthening time spent in the car.

But did you know that thousands of pets are injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents every year? Some of these incidents might have been beyond our control but many could have been prevented.


Below are some car travel safety tipsto keep you and your dog safe and comfortable when travelling in the car.

1. Pet Identification
One of the most important things to do before travelling is to make sure that your pet is microchipped and their collar is up to date with their council registration tag, name and contact number. It’s also wise to bring their vaccination records.


2. Prepare a pet-friendly travel kit
Pack your dog’s food, bowl, leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and first-aid, and any form of travel document. Don’t forget to pack your dog’s favorite toy or pillow to give your dog a sense of familiarity. And also, be sure to pack plenty of water.

3. Keep your dog well-hydrated and comfortable.
Make sure to keep your dog well-hydrated and comfortable during the trip. Never leave your dog in a hot car and always make sure that their space is well-ventilated. If you’re using a crate, make sure your dog has plenty of room to stand, turn and move. Don’t feed your dog immediately before the trip or in a moving car to avoid car sickness.


4. Keep your dog secure in the vehicle
A loose pet could be a danger to both of you. Some dogs jump unexpectedly from open windows, while others are projected during accidents. The safest way to transport your dog is to secure them with their very own crate ora harness that can be attached to a seat belt. Seat belt confine your furry friend, but it also keeps them safe in the event of an accident, which could severely injure or kill an unrestrained dog.  And when crated in the car, your dog can snuggle up safely and ride in comfort.

5. Barriers to keep your dog out of your lap
If you’ve got an excited or anxious dog who wants to climb over onto you, a barrier will help. There are several types of barriers that can be installed into the backs of SUVs, hatchbacks and vans. Depending on the type of car you have, your dog can be secured in the back of your car by special fence. A ventilated console barrier will keep pets away from the driver and avoid distraction. After installing, check to ensure that your dog can’t slip through a gap and visit you in the front seat.


6. Prevent your dog from opening the door during transit.
Make sure you engage the child safety lock to prevent your dog from opening the door during transit. Even though some dogs love to ride with the wind in their face, it’s also a good idea to prevent your dog from travelling with their head out of the car as there are many dangers of doing so, including dangerous flying objects and the possibility that they may jump out of the car whilst it’s moving.

7. Avoid choker chains
Don’t use la eash with attached choker chains as it can strangle dogs when vehicles brake suddenly.

8. Take Breaks 
If you’re on a long road trip, your dog will need a car snacks, water and potty breaks, just like we all do. Make water readily available to your dog to avoid dehydration. Meals, dog treats, and chew toys are also great distractions for a busy dog in the car. Also make sure that you’re stopping every couple of hours so your dog can use the bathroom.

9. Reward your dog!
And finally, make sure you reward your dog with a quality dog treat, a belly rub or a new toy and take them to a nice walk to stretch their legs.


Dogs love to be outdoors and among their people and there’s no need to leave your dog at home. Youcan count on plenty more epic car trips in the future by keeping your dog contained, happy and well cared for on the road.