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May 29, 2019 3 min read


Summer fun activities that your dogs will love 

It’s summertime and it’s a great time to make some fun memories in the sun with your pet! There are so many activities that you and your dog can enjoy in this season. From beach trips to park picnics, we’re collected some fun activities that you and your dog can enjoy this summer season!

1. Dog-friendly Beach
The beach is probably a traditional summer destination and just like humans, dogs also enjoy a day in the surf. Find a dog-friendly beaches nearby and go! Let your dog run to his heart’s content, play fetch with your dog and bring balls or frisbees that are designed just for dogs with padded edges that will not injure his mouth. Just don’t forget to pack plenty of water, a towel and an umbrella or beach tents for instant shade whenever you and your dog need it.

2. Let your dog diggers dig
Your dog may not be great at sandcastle construction, but they sure do make great excavation crews. Dogs love to dig especially during a beach day. Make sure to follow along to fill in their potentially ankle-twisting masterpieces and have poop bags ready so you can remove any buried treasure.

3. Local pools where dogs are welcome.
If you’re lucky enough to find one in your area, indulge your dog in a local pool where they are welcome. There are public pools that closes for a day or two each year and dogs take over the pool. Sometimes they also include contests, games and typically charge a small fee to benefit a local animal shelter. Make sure you schedule a potty break before diving in.

4. Hit the trail, hike together!
Your dog will surely love picking up the little critter scents and the nose-to-ground tracking. And in addition, you will be exercising without even realizing it! What a great way to stay fit while bonding with your dog.  

5. Go on adventure and hit the road!
There are many pet-friendly places and hotel accommodations so why not hit the road with your dog? Pick a pet-friendly destination and get out of town with your dog. Yes, it’s just you, your dog and the vacation you both deserve!

6. Turn on the sprinklers!
If you’re landlocked or don’t have a pool, turn on the sprinklers in your own backyard to cool off your dog with an easy game of fetch through the water. Your dog will surely love sprinkler time just as much as you did as a kid. You can also invite the neighborhood dogs and become the go-to spot on your street!

7. Enjoy outdoor dining!
Summertime also means restaurant patio season is in full swing, so why not check out local restaurants in your area for a dog-friendly patio dining options for you and your beloved dog? You can also grab some take out and make it a picnic at your local nearby park.

8. Enroll on a summer class and teach your dog a new trick!
Summer is also a great time to take a class or teach your dog a new trick. There’s a class out there for you and your dog that of you will surely enjoy whether it’s classes in flyball, agility, nose tracking or basic manners.

9. Make frozen treats for your dog!
Summer is also a great time to make frozen treats for your dog. You can use a regular popsicle mold or even a kong. You can make “pupsicles” made of chicken broth with kibble chips or plain yogurt with peanut butter. You can also use fresh apple slices, carrots or dog biscuits. Your dog will surely enjoy it and keep him cool.


10. Enjoy the glory of air conditioning!
Summer means outdoor activities but sometimes it’s just gets too hot for you and your dog to play outside. Consider yourself one lucky dog if you have air conditioner at home. But if you don’t, why not buckle up your pooch and go for a ride in a car that does? Perhaps it’s about time to stock up at the coincidentally air-conditioned pet stores.

And while there are many excellent outdoor activities for you and your dog to enjoy this summer, keep in mind that just like us, dogs can overheat, become dehydrated and even sunburn on hot days. So make sure you schedule any summer activities before or after the sun’s peak hours and pack plenty of cool water.