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Take a deep breath, and don't feel like you're being bullied

March 11, 2021 1 min read

Take a deep breath, and don't feel like you're being bullied about these treats. Healthy high protein low/no fat treats for all sizes and ages.
Your pup deserves the right treats to show them how much you care, so here's a look at some beefy options. 

Don't feel Bullied - So let's just get the hard part out of the way first… Bully sticks are dried bull or steer penis. Yup, you read that right. As hard as it might be for a person (like me) to mentally digest this fact, they're very digestible and low fat / high protein for your furry friend. Bully sticks are made from a single all-natural ingredient and an excellent rawhide alternative. Like most treats, bully sticks are great for oral hygiene and a great chew distraction for those with destructive behaviors and/or separation anxiety. There are also several different stick sizes to match the size of your pup.  

Take a deep breath - Beef lungs aren't as hard to swallow or chew, which makes them great for training. The soft consistency makes it easy to just pinch off a chunk to get rover eating out of your hand. These 100% beef protein-packed treats are an excellent protein source (obviously) and low in fat. They are easy to digest and great for puppies all the way to senior dogs.

Chews should always be supervised. They have the potential to be choking hazards, so don't leave your pup alone. 
If your pup has beef allergies, both of these treats have alternatives. 
Bully Stick - Lamb Pizzle
Beef Lungs - Lamb Lungs