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Dried Goat Horns Chews Medium or Large - 2 count

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Goat horns dog chews are natural, durable treats that provide dogs with a long-lasting and satisfying chewing experience. They help promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup, while also exercising jaw muscles. These engaging chews are a great choice for dogs who love to chew and seek natural treats.

100% Natural Air Dried: Our horns are made by drying it naturally using only air, without using any artificial heat or chemicals. This helps maintain its natural qualities and avoids any potentially harmful effects from artificial drying methods.

Free Range Goats: These horns comes from goats that are raised in open spaces where they can freely move around and eat natural vegetation.

A great source of keratin: Keratin can offer several benefits for dogs, including promoting a healthy coat and skin, strengthening nails, protecting paw pads, improving overall hair health, and enhancing coat texture.

Perfect for Aggressive Chewers: Horns are ideal for pets that love to chew aggressively. Dog chewing can help divert your dog’s attention away from destructive chewing behaviors and encourage a new positive chewing habit. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety.

Great for oral health: Horn chews are good for dogs’ teeth. They help clean teeth naturally, are long-lasting and durable, provide exercise for jaw muscles, and contain beneficial minerals.