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October 26, 2021 3 min read

Choose the right chew to save your shoes

Pig Ear Strips vs. Cow hooves

Every dog, big and small, benefits from being able to chew on something. Something other than your furniture, the wall, a DVD case, magazines on the table that you left out when you went to the grocery store... and your shoes, of course. The best way to keep that lousy chew behavior from happening is to direct their chewing activity to the right place. You might not always see the benefits your dog gets by chewing, but your furry companion does. Chews are great because they help reduce stress and anxiety by giving them something to do, and it's great for their teeth. Didn't know chews were like a toothbrush for your pooch? Well, they did, so cut them some slack if they just chewed on your new running shoes. You didn't provide the proper chew.


Let's see which chew is right for your 4-legged friend.

Pig Ear Strips = Easy Chewers

Easy chewers can range in size. If your Chihuahua or geriatric Doberman are easy chewers, pig ear strips are great options. The pig ear is excellent for oral health with its thick and dense structure. The chews are high in fat and make a great added nutritional supplement for highly active and energetic dogs. 


Cow hooves = Hard Chewers 

Cow hooves are great for pups with powerful jaws. Dogs that rip open the tear-proof plush toy with a blink of an eye will benefit from these longer-lasting chews. They are made of a protein called keratin, just like our fingernails, but in a much thicker consistency. In essence, the chew is a giant fingernail. Hooves will keep your furry friend busy for some time. At 123 Treats, the hooves are sold in a variety of ways. Hollowed out all-natural, hollowed out smoked, and a variety of stuffed flavors. The perk of this chew is it keeps on giving. Once the stuffed flavors are devoured, you can refill them. Your pup's attention will be on getting every last flavor from the hoof before they continue chewing on the hoof and not your doorframe...


Blog Pawnote:

'Pup' is an affectionate term I use for young and old puppies and dogs alike. There is no age discrimination with the word "Pup." I just wanted to clear that term up for the readers... and the pups!



Always have a chew supervisor for your pup. (see pawnote above)

Consult your vet to ensure the chews you choose meets your pup's dietary needs if they are on a restricted diet. 


Halloween Drool Tips

123 Treats are for your dog, not Halloween candies. Chocolate can be dangerous and even lethal for dogs. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures. Other candies have artificial sweeteners in them called xylitol, which can also be poisonous to dogs. 

Watch out for these dangerous candies on the ground. Kids are notorious for dropping things, and dogs are notorious for picking items up with their mouths, and down the hatch, it goes. If your pup makes the trick or treat walk with you and the kids or helps hand out the candy at the door, just watch the ground for an unsuspecting ground candy. 


Halloween Candy = Kids

123 Treats = Dogs, aka fur babies 


More Halloween pet health safety tips can be found at:

 Author: Jennifer & Dejah Phagan