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New Year, New Chew.

January 20, 2022 2 min read

New Year, New Chew

It's the new year, so if your pup is tired of the same 'ol chews and treats; it's time to change it up with something new. 

 New Year's resolution - Nothing but the best for your pet. Hmm... you should probably throw a few squeaky toys in the basket while you're at it. 


7-9 inches Beef Tendon Beef Stick Chews for Dogs(10 Count or 25 Count)


Beef tendon is the connective tissue that holds the muscle to the bone, making it a low-fat protein-rich nutritious chew from 100% pure beef. They are grain and gluten-free for the sensitive dog clientele. The beef tendon chews are made with a single, no artificial ingredient and no preservatives or additives creating a healthy chew for 2022. 


Let your pup start the year off right with these chews. They are filled with nutrition such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and elastin. Arthritic dogs or working dogs that work their joints on the beaten path benefit from these nutrients. Sulfate can also be found in the chew which aids in digestion making these chews easily digestible. 


As with all the chew, they provide great oral health and mental stimulation. Chews reduce stress and anxiety by giving them something to do and serving as a toothbrush. It's similar to an apple. It's not really a toothbrush but it creates friction that breaks up tartar buildup off the teeth, and it tastes pretty good too.



Chews & toys should always be supervised. 

Pet Safety – Wintertime Tips

  •  Antifreeze: Antifreeze, which is Ethylene Glycol, is deadly for pets! It also smells and tastes good to pets. Less than four teaspoons may be lethal for a ten-pound dog. A single teaspoon can be fatal to cats. Propylene glycol is a less toxic form of antifreeze and can be used instead of ethylene glycol. The brand is called “Sierra.” It works just as well in your car but is much less toxic to your pet.
  • Ice Melting: Ice Melting Products like Rock salt and De-icing chemicals are irritating to skin, mouth and your pet’s paws and footpads. Spritz your pet’s feet off with water when they come back inside is helpful. Signs of ingestion include excessive drooling, depression and vomiting.
  •  Baits: Rat and Mouse baits are usually used more often in cold weather. Place baits in areas inaccessible to your pets. Peanut butter baits smell good are tasty to pets. Save labels and if think it’s been eaten by your pet, call their office and drive to your vet, ASAP. Most pets are treated with Vitamin K therapy and recover.

Pet Safety - Wintertime Tips Reference


Author: Jennifer Phagan