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September 01, 2021 2 min read


Some cheeky treats for your cheeky beast.


So maybe you don't call your sweet fluffy puppy a beast, but I call my cat a beast, so... 

Ok, I know cats don't need chews as much as dogs, so we'll leave the cat in the bag for now.


It's time to try an excellent alternative to the traditional rawhide if you want to spice up your dog treat stock (without actual spices). Beef Cheek chews are what you both want. These chews are made from the head and neck of the cow. Since they are softer than traditional rawhide, they're great for heavy chewers and light chewers alike and easier to digest. 

  Besides the typical benefits of chews (oral health, anxiety reduction, decreased boredom, and the simple fact they help reduce the chance of your furry friend destroying your favorite pair of shoes), the Beef Cheek also has excellent amounts of collagen, promoting a healthy coat. Ladies, this source of collagen is not for you; trust me, I know. 


If you are a new dog parent or an old dog parent learning new tricks, chews are a good source for oral care to prevent periodontal diseases. They are a great addition to the weekly teeth brushing you're doing, and you don't have to actually hold your pup down. Chews help to break down the plaque and tartar build-up on their teeth.


Stuffed Shin Bones are great time-consuming chews. The hollowed-out shin bones are stuffed with flavorful treats for your pup and can be restuffed by you, the dog Mom/Dad, when they need a refill. 

Stuffed Shine Bones are suitable for all size dogs and especially good for heavy chewers. It is long-lasting and can give many hours of chewing. Most importantly, it keeps your fur baby preoccupied and content.

The natural preparation of the shin bone where bacteria and contaminants are eliminated makes this chew safe and digestible.



Don't forget to consult your veterinarian before introducing new chews and treats. And please as ALWAYS monitor your lovable fur baby while they chomp down on their chews. 

Author: Jennifer Phagan