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Beef Tendon Sticks Chews for Dogs 7-9 inches (10 Count and 25 Count)

  • ✅ ALL NATURAL - 123 Treats Tendon is all natural with NO artificial ingredients, NO preservatives and NO additives
  • ✅ GREAT FOR ORAL CARE - Tendon chews helps promote healthy chewing habits along with better oral health care.
  • ✅ SATISFIES DOG'S CHEWING NEEDS - Dog chewing Tendon can help divert your dog’s attention away from destructive chewing behaviors and encourage a new positive chewing habit. Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety. Both wild and domestic dogs spend hours chewing.
  • ✅ CAUTION - Always supervise your pets while enjoying any chews, treats or bones
  • ✅ Your Pet Deserves the Best: At 123 Treats, a small business run by passionate dog-lovers, we understand that dogs are more than just pets; they are unique and loving companions that deserve the utmost care. That's why we are dedicated to offering the highest quality dog treats and chews. With our wide range of products, including Bones, beef cheeks, collagen, hooves, trachea, lungs, tripe and more, finding the perfect treat for your pup is easy.

Top Quality Tendon chews for dogs

Introducing 123 Treats' premium tendon chews - the ideal choice for dogs that chew. Our high-quality tendon chews not only provide a satisfying and engaging chewing experience but also offer a multitude of benefits, including joint health support.

Packed with collagen, a vital protein for joints, these tendon chews promote jaw muscle strength and improved jaw function, indirectly contributing to enhanced joint health. Furthermore, the repetitive chewing motion stimulates blood circulation to the joints, facilitating the delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen.

With 123 Treats' carefully selected and processed tendon chews, you can trust that your dog is enjoying a safe and nutritious treat that supports dental health too. Upgrade your dog's chewing routine with 123 Treats - the trusted choice for premium and wholesome treats.