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Rawhide with Chicken Retriever Roll 9"-10" Delicious Dog Stick Chews - All-Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range Dog Chews 6, 20 or 36 Count | 123 Treats

Here is a great chicken wrapped rawhide for your favorite friend - your dog! This is 100% all natural chicken that is sliced and wrapped around rawhide bones. These are some real healthy dog treats made from high quality food. These chicken rawhide rolls do not have any preservatives, additives or chemicals. These rawhide rolls are also good for your dog’s teeth. With plenty of time used on chewing, this will help promote cleaning of the build up on their teeth. It will help clean the tartar and plaque off their teeth. Since these rawhide rolls are tasty, it will keep your dog entertained for a while. The rolls will always keep your dog busy so it can help with them no chewing on anything that’s not edible. These rolls are 100% digestible. So if you’d like to provide a great healthy treat for your dog to snack on then reward them with these healthy chicken rawhide rolls and order from 123 Treats. Always remember to keep an eye on your furry friend while they are enjoying these wonderful treats or any treat that they may chew on.
  • A great healthy treat made with high quality food
  • 100 % all natural chicken wrapped around a rawhide
  • Just two healthy ingredients with not additives or preservatives
  • Great for chewing and good for your dog's teeth