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HOOVES for Dogs 10, 25 or 50 Count | 100% Natural Long-lasting Dental dog Chews made from Beef Hoof | Made from Free Range, Grass Fed Cattle | NO additives, coloring, and chemicals. From 123 Treats

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✅ PREMIUM QUALITY - 123 Treats cow hooves production process follows the tightest quality guidelines in the production of our dog chews. We use grass fed free-range cattle to make these hooves for dogs. Our processing facilities are also routinely inspected and assessed by authorities to guarantee compliance with required animal health and safety regulations.

✅ ALL NATURAL AND DELICIOUS - Our hooves for dogs are tasty and can last a long time. They're full-sized, too. Owners who are searching for treat options for their pooches that aren't rawhide can opt for our hoofs. We make the point to cautiously cleanse and cut our hoofs prior to roasting them. This meticulous process can give dogs the luxury and enjoyment of a product that has minimal smell. Hooves are mix sizes.

✅ GREAT FOR ORAL CARE - Canine dental health is nothing to ever dismiss. If you want your pet to be healthy, you have to make looking after his teeth a big priority. Our cow hooves for dogs are dental chews that offer quite a few benefits to your pet's teeth. These chews can help do away with detrimental tartar and plaque build-up. Doing away with tartar and plaque accumulation can do wonders for your dog's oral health.

✅ VARIETY PACK AND BUDGET FRIENDLY - Our dog chews are ideal for owners who are searching for economical and budget-friendly treat options for their beloved canines. Our chews come in many convenient pack sizes that enable owners to cut costs significantly. If you want to enjoy great savings on natural treats for your cutie, all you have to do is purchase our hoofs in bulk. It's truly that simple. We provide our customers with many different options in bulk sets.

✅ CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Customer satisfaction is extraordinarily important to us. We offer our customers the convenience and peace of mind of a solid satisfaction guarantee. Our satisfaction guarantee is good for 30 full days. If you decide that you just are not fully content with our cow hooves, let us know and we'll assist you.

Healthy, Chewy & Delicious - 123 Treats Hooves For Dogs Are The Natural Treat All Dogs Love! When choosing a dog treat for your dog there are a lot of things you need to consider. We know that every dog owner loves their furry little friend just as much as any other member of their family which is why they want nothing but the finest products for their canine friend. How do we know this? Simple, we love your dog or rather every pet just as much as their owners! We’ve been loving dog owners ourselves for years which is why we know that you only want safe and healthy treats for your dogs. 123 Treats Cow Hooves are exactly that: Natural, Safe and Filled with Nutrients and Health Benefits which makes these, unlike any other dog, treats on the market.

These treats are the perfect choice for all canine breeds as well as being suitable for dogs of all age groups. If you have a growing pup or a fully mature pooch, you can count on these authentic cow hooves to become their favorite new treat. With an authentic beefy taste, 123 Treats Cow Hooves simply makes the safe and delicious reward for your happy and healthy canine friend.

All Natural Goodness Perfected With Love & Care When we say our Cow Hooves are all natural we really mean it! 123 Treats Hooves For Dogs are an all-natural, safe and incredibly healthy treat for dogs that they are going to love! Unlike other beefy Hooves on the market, these are 100% Natural Brazil Cow Hooves that are acquired from farm fed and healthy cows and are fully digestible as well as being incredibly healthy for your pet. Made in Brazil, these hooves are a perfect choice for you if you don’t want to give your dog any chews that contain preservatives or additives.

These are naturally extracted treats that come from genuine cows, nothing more and nothing less. Our dog Chews made from Beef Hoof are slow cooked by professionals so that your dogs will be drooling over these. Reward your pooch with this safe, healthier and delicious Treats on the market to keep them happy and healthy! Note: To keep pets safe, supervise your pets when they are chewing on treats, chews and bones. Always supervise your pets when enjoying any chews, treats or bone and also have water available for your pets.