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MONSTER BULLY STICKS 12 inches | 3, 10 or 20 Count Jumbo Bully Sticks for Dogs Sourced and packed in the USA | From free-range grass fed cows

MONSTER BULLY STICKS 12" | 3, 10 or 20 Count
  • 100% all natural monster beef bully sticks come from free range grass fed cows
  • Monster bully sticks are extra thick which can help for aggressive chewers
  • Helps teeth by keeping them clean from tartar and plaque
  • 100% beef with great natural beefy flavor and made in Europe.
  • 100% digestible treat
These wonderful monster bully sticks come in packs of 3 and have two sizes in 6” or 12”. These beef bully sticks are sourced and packed in the U.S.A.  Like all of our products, our monster beef bully sticks come from free-range grass fed cows and contain no additives, preservatives or chemicals. These bully sticks are of standard thickness and available in 6” and 12”. The average weight of these sticks are 2.5-3.4 oz. These bully sticks are processed in a USDA American Certified factory. These are cleaned thoroughly, vertically hung, and baked in their own juices to give your dog an experience they won’t forget. If you are looking for a rare U.S. bully stick at an affordable price, this is it. Our bully sticks are an all-natural chew that is 100% digestible.  They will keep your dog entertained for a while with constant chewing and they are good for any breed and any sized dog. Always remember to keep an eye on your furry friend while they are enjoying these wonderful treats or any treat that they may chew on.