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QCHEFS Dental Flakes for Cats – Two Month Supply* - Food Topper - After Meal Licking Treat, Oral Health Snack with Amino Acids.

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  • 🦷 QCHEFS Dental Flakes: QCHEFS Dental Flakes serve as a solution aimed at addressing two common feline dental issues – bad breath and tartar build up. These flakes are formulated to specifically target these problems, providing cat owners with an effective means of maintaining their furry friends' oral health. *One pack will last approximately two months.
  • 🦷 ●Dealing with your cat’s BAD BREATH?:By incorporating QCHEFS Dental Flakes into your cat's daily routine, you're establishing a consistent regimen of oral care. This routine ensures that your cat's teeth and gums receive regular attention, reducing the chances of dental problems over time. The flakes' active components work to prevent the accumulation of plaque that lead to bad breath and tartar formation.
  • 🦷 POOR DENTAL HEALTH may lead to HEALTH ISSUES: Oral health is closely linked to a cat's overall well-being. Cats with healthier teeth and gums are likely to experience less discomfort and pain. Additionally, maintaining proper oral hygiene can extend a cat's lifespan, allowing them to enjoy an active and joyful life.
  • 🦷TOO MUCH ON YOUR PLATE?: The use of QCHEFS Dental Flakes offers a convenient and efficient method of supporting your cat's dental hygiene. These flakes are designed to be easily integrated into your cat's daily routine – a simple yet effective way to combat dental problems.
  • 🦷Feeding recommendations: Give QCHEFS Dental Flakes to your cat twice a day as a treat or mix it in with their meals.Mix 1/2 teaspoon with your cats favorite treat.