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6-7 inches Rawhide Bones Chews for Medium to Large dogs (10 or 30 Count)

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6-7" Rawhide Bones for Medium to Large dogs (10 or 30 Count) 
  • The rawhide comes from cows from southern Brazil where the cool climate reduces external biological impact (such as fleas and ticks), providing better quality rawhide.
  • All Natural Rawhide Bones
  • Chewing can provide your dog stimulation and help relieve anxiety.
  • Chewing keeps dogs’ teeth clean, jaws strong and breath a bit fresher.
  • Promotes healthy teeth and gums and assists to reduce tartar and plaque

Satisfy your furry companion with a delicious and long lasting chew. Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes. Rawhides are a natural way to satisfy your dog's chewing instincts while strengthening the muscles that support their jaws. Naturally promotes plaque plus tartar reduction. Ideal for active, aggressive chewers.