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Scoochie Water Bottle Dog Toys, Christopher Cow Bottle Toy/Plush Dog Toy/We Squeak

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11 Inch Christopher Cow Water Bottle Toy. Comes with an empty 16.9 oz water bottle that can be changed. Most dogs love the crackle noise a water bottle makes. This toy has a water bottle in the body (included). The bottom of the toy has elastic that allows you to replace the water bottle if it gets destroyed. For added durability you should leave the cap on the bottle, but for less aggressive chewing dogs, you can remove the cap. Some owners also like to put rice or hard dog food in the bottle so it makes more noise when tossed around. The head of the toy is filled with plush and has a squeaker.
  • Each toy comes with a disinfected, recycled water bottle
  • Dogs love the crackly sound
  • Durable dog toy for hours of fun
  • Squeak rope dog toy to keep your dog interested and entertained.