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Super Scooch Squeaker Bear Rope Tug Dog Toy 8-Small

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Large Super Scooch Braided Rope Squeaker Dumbbell 12 Inch. This is a one of kind dog toy. This toy is made of 100% cotton that is NOT preshrunk. This is important because when your dog plays and chews this toy, the cotton will shrink and toy will actually become stronger. This is a great toy for dogs that traditionally chew up plush dog toys. Although they aren’t indestructible, they do last a lot longer than a regular plush toys and we find many dogs like them better. The inside of this toy has an extra-large “ever last” squeaker. This squeaker will continue to squeak even when punctured several times. The squeaker is extra loud and protected by the rope around it. This is basically two toys in one, it’s a soft squeaker toy and a rope chew toy. Great for tugging, tossing and chewing. The rope is good for cleaning the dogs teeth. If you have tried many dog toys, only to have them destroyed in minutes, give Super Scooch a try. Even after the large inside squeaker eventually gets damaged, the rope part of the toy will still provide for hours of fun.